• 12 Awesome Cosplay Costumes

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    burns3When I was a wee child, Halloween was the time for costumes. You know, those delightfully flammable Superman costumes from the Five and Dime store on Main Street. Those costumes made you feel like you really could fly as you wandered door to door begging for candy. But these days, a plastic cape and red shorts aren’t quite enough to impress anyone.

    Especially not the professionals.

    burnsWhen kids grow up, some of them discover Cosplay (Wikipedia article), a chance to dress up in Hollywood quality costumes like the ones worn in movies and television. In fact, they’re usually based on movie, television, Anime and Manga characters. And they’re also usually handmade.

    You’ll find lots of cosplayers these days at science-fiction and fantasy conventions like Dragon*Con or Comic Con. That’s Atlanta-based actor Chris Burns and his beautiful wife Miracole at San Diego’s Comic Con last year, dressed as Havoc and Polaris.

    Chris and Miracole are devoted cosplayers who travel the country to attend various conventions, in addition to serving as models for graphic artists working on comic book and graphic novel projects.

    Now, all of this to alert you to this: The twelve most awesome cosplay costumes as brought to you buy NewzOnFire.com.


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