• 44 to Make You Laugh: The Masters of Stand-Up

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    I devour Sirius/XM’s comedy channel lineup when I’m in the car. Raw Dog, Blue Collar, Laugh USA, Jamie Foxx and the new Comedy Central Channel: Always a laugh somewhere, although you have to look for them while dodging ads for herbal penis-power products. Maybe that says something about the type of listener advertisers think are listening to comedy radio? Bah, I don’t care. Without further bullshit, here’s my master list of the funniest stand-up comics of all time. They gotta do stand-up to be on this list, so there are a lot of funny people I’m not including.  The list is in alphabetical order. I thought about creating the list in order of favorites, but that just gave me a headache and I gave up. Most of the links are to Comedy Central’s profile pages.

    1. 398px-Lewis_Black_Aviano_2Aziz Ansari
    2. Dave Attel
    3. Maria Bamford
    4. Lewis Black
    5. Hannibal Buress
    6. Louis C.K.
    7. Frank Caliendo
    8. John Caparulo
    9. Bobby Collins
    10. George Carlin
    11. Bill Cosby
    12. David Cross
    13. Bill Engvall
    14. Jimmy Fallon
    15. Mitch Fatel
    16. Jeff Foxworthy
    17. Jim Gaffigan
    18. Mitch Hedburg
    19. Eddie Izzard
    20. Larry the Cable Guy
    21. Kathleen Madigan
    22. Bob Marley
    23. Steve Martin
    24. Ralphie May
    25. 170px-EddieMurphy1988Eddie Murphy
    26. Bob Newhart
    27. Patton Oswalt
    28. John Pinette
    29. Richard Pryor
    30. Brian Regan
    31. Jeanne Robertson
    32. Chris Rock
    33. Paul Rodriguez
    34. Joe Rogan
    35. Kristen Schaal
    36. Amy Schumer
    37. Jerry Seinfeld
    38. Sarah Silverman
    39. John Stewart
    40. Christopher Titus
    41. Ron White
    42. Robin Williams
    43. Jonathan Winters
    44. Stephen Wright


    So, who am I leaving out? I know there are some big names missing, people that just don’t do it for me. Who would you insist on being on this list? Leave a comment and let’s find out!


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