• 8 Ways to Give Your Home an Edge

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    YourHouseYou’re ready to sell. The market is gaining strength. Home prices are climbing. The time is now.  To get the most value from your home, you’re going to need to do everything you can to display it at its best. The following tips are designed to do that.

    1. Make sure the house is clean! Clean carpets and floors, a fresh coat of paint, replacing broken or missing fixtures and fittings and making sure the kitchens and bathrooms are bright and shiny is a must.
    2. If you have furniture still in the house, make sure it is clean and neatly arranged. Eyesores, even if you love them, are best taken somewhere else while buyers are walking through the house. You may love it, but it might turn buyers off.
    3. Open the shades, pull back the curtains and pull up the blinds. Let the sunshine in!
    4. Make sure the air in the house is clean and fresh. If the weather cooperates, air out the house. If you use any sort of air freshener, use it lightly — Don’t overdo it! Too much is just as bad as not enough.
    5. Pets can be problematic. For example, some people may be afraid of dogs, while others may be allergic to cats. If possible, take your pets to animal daycare or a neighbor’s house for the day. You may love cats, dogs or ferrets, but potential buyers may not. If the animals can go outside, keep them in the yard while buyers visit.
    6. Children can be a distraction as well. You want the buyers focusing on what their lives would be like in your home, not what your kids are doing in the kitchen or den.
    7. Make sure your landscaping is at its best. This means hiring a landscaping crew or doing the cutting, trimming, edging and weeding yourself. Either way, make your yard as beautiful as possible. Planting a few annuals in strategic locations can help enliven an otherwise drab landscape.
    8. Doing a little detective work might uncover some other ways to make your house an even better prospect. Visit the open houses for other homes of similar value in your neighborhood. You’ll see how the home is being staged, and perhaps get ideas that can be valuable when presenting your own home.



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