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    Michael has been writing professionally for print, television and the internet for thirty years. As a Senior Producer at CNN International, he examined the future of technology with dozens of brilliant scientists, philosophers and entrepreneurs on the acclaimed series Future Summit. Before that, in the CNN International newsroom, he helped lead the production of award winning coverage of news like the 9/11 attacks, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the devastating 2004 tsunami in Asia. As a director, he has created a dozen short films in the last seven years. He lives with his wife, dog, four cats and two horses in the suburbs of Atlanta.


    Advocate 001

    by  • May 16, 2013 • Advocate • 1 Comment

    Chapter 1: Greet the Stars Too much noise, thought Eddie Vogel as he worked to reconnect broken data relays in the tunnel leading from the command module to the habitat module.  There were at least three alarms buzzing and blaring, warning of fire, pressure loss and atmospheric poisons.  Someone was screaming in the command...

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    Making up a Language for Fun and Profit

    by  • May 8, 2013 • RPGs • 0 Comments

    Ever since I first read Tolkien, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of creating a language. Of course, J.R.R. created several languages as he built the foundation for Middle Earth. It gives the narrative a cohesive feel, as if his languages had developed and evolved over thousands of years, and you can sense the...

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    Jack Russell Terrier Butter – The Hundred Best Business Ideas I’ve Had So Far.

    by  • May 2, 2013 • 100 Best Business Ideas • 0 Comments

    The $29 Jack Russell Terrier Butter Crock.

    Almost everyone loves to spend money on expensive, hand-crafted artisanal foods. And the ones who don’t are not terribly important to me because they’re in the way of my great financial success.  Because, dear friends, #97 on the list of the hundred best business idea’s I’ve had so far is: Jack Russell Terrier Butter! Yes, now...

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    Gondgûl: Screams in the Dark Session #1

    by  • April 29, 2013 • RPGs • 1 Comment

    And so it begins. We’ve gathered at Gigabytes Cafe in Marietta for our monthly Atlanta Gamer’s Guild Dungeon World game.  I’ll try to recap as best I can, although my memory isn’t completely reliable and I hope the players who read this will offer corrections as comments. At the table, as I see them, from...

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    Gondgûl: Finishing the Map and Building the City

    by  • April 28, 2013 • RPGs • 1 Comment


    Because I was in a rush, I needed to complete the map of Gondgûl quickly before taking it to an office supply store for printing. At this point, the only thing left is to add buildings and labels. I start with the dock warehouses, the gold colored buildings around the harbor. For these, I use...

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    Gondgûl: The Map for a Dungeon World Campaign

    by  • April 26, 2013 • RPGs • 1 Comment


    In the first part of this series, I talked about some of the thought that went into the design of my new Dungeon World campaign, which kicks off tomorrow. Today, I want to talk about creating a starting map, the base location for the adventures that begin tomorrow. For me, creating the map always...

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