• Building a Traveller GM Program

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    ISS: Operating System

    My flirtation with Visual Basic programming has always been based on my interest in having customized GM software running on my game table laptop.  Over the years, I’ve tried and used most every piece of campaign or encounter management software available for the PC.  Of them all, DM Genie is the only one that really fit my needs and desires.  It was, in fact, DM Genie, that turned me on to VB programming, through its VB scripting.

    I’ve been working on two programs concurrently, one for D&D and one for Spycraft.  But that didn’t stop me this weekend from dragging out my Mongoose Traveller book to see what I could do in that direction.  And I was delighted to realize that my VB skills are improving rapidly.

    So, I was able to lay the foundation for a program I’m calling ISS: Operating System.  I was going to call the program Universal, until I remembered there was already a Traveller program called Universe out there already.  It’s a long way off from being releasable, but I’ll keep you informed as it comes together.

    For those of you interested in toying around with programming, Microsoft offers Visual Basic Express Edition for free.  And thanks to Zhodani Base for the extremely cool Traveller Book Cover Generator!


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