• Bunny Bucks – The Hundred Best Business Ideas I’ve Had So Far.

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    One Bunny Buck

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    This idea is a sure-fire way to make an honest living. You’ve heard of Bunny Bucks? The cool collector’s item that everyone is giving everyone this year is pretty and pretty awesome. And everyone is talking about them. Paris or Perez Hilton, or maybe a Kardashian, tweeted about them. I think. And I can’t find the link right now, but I’m pretty sure there’s a great clip of a sketch with Jimmy Fallon out there on YouTube. I don’t even want to think about the fallout if you’re not sending your Mom some for Mother’s Day this year! And they’re far better than a tie for Father’s Day.

    So, what’s the deal then. Bunny Bucks are the fake currency my wife uses to get things from me. Cut the grass? Sure, that’ll be 20 Bunny Bucks. Add it to my account. Get the toilet to flush again? Yeah, that’s easily 100 Bunny Bucks. I mean, I just made them up last night on the way to get frozen custard (now that’s an idea!) and I thought, why not monetize it?

    Back to the deal. For $20 US currency (the real stuff), I will send you 20 Bunny Bucks, all neatly cut out and bundled in an envelope. Use them however you please. Don’t even start to think you can redeem them for anything. Not even getting your toilet plunged. If I can get just 100,000 people to buy a 20 Bunny Buck package, my wife says I’d have $20 million. Fortunately, I’m not counting on her math skills at this point. I’d only have two million dollars. I wonder if I’d be in jail as well.

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