• Driving the Snakes Out of Austin

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    On Wednesday, most of us will be wearing the green and celebrating Saint Patrick’s day. It’s a tradition in the United States, around the world and in Ireland, of course.

    One of the best known legends about Patrick is that he drove the snakes out of Ireland. Researchers believe Ireland never had snakes after the glaciers withdrew. Many historians believe the legend of the snakes could refer to the Druids and their serpent symbolism.

    But, that doesn’t stop it from being a good legend.

    If Saint Patrick brought his crusade against snakes to Texas, he’d be pretty busy. There are 105 species of snakes in Texas, but thankfully, only four are venomous: The Texas Coral snake, the Western Diamondback, the Souther Copperhead and the Western Cottonmouth.

    The big question is where would Saint Patrick drive the snakes to?


    For more about snakes in Texas, check out TexasSnakes.net!


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