• Five Games You Must Have

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    Most of us grew up playing games.  Monopoly, Clue, Risk, Chutes and Ladders.  Heck, I still play Chutes and Ladders.  But as adults, many of us grow a little tired of the same old games.  So, may I suggest some games you may not have heard of before?  These make for fantastic party games, and are generally easy to learn.

    Dominion (2008)
    Two to four player and a half-hour per game.  You are the ruler of a small kingdom, striving against the other players to build up your empire.
    This is a card game for four to ten people and takes about a half hour.  One player pulls a Green card and reads the word on it; the other players play a Red card with the word or phrase they feel best matches the word on the Green card.  Quite funny!
    The number one rated board game on Boardgamegeek.com. Three to Five players; takes up to 90 minutes to play.  Players manage their plantations, growing and selling up to five different types of crops.
    Based on the recent SciFi series.  For 3 to 6 players, takes three hours to play.   Players must work together for the good of the fleet.  But one or more players may be secret Cylon agents!
    Very popular and has spawned lots of expansions.  Three or four players, ninety minutes a game.  Build up your civilization on the island of Catan.

    Want to pick up one of these games?  Try Legends Comics & Games at Cupertino Square (map).


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