• Fresh Without a Garden

    by  • February 19, 2010 • Community Sherpa, Freelance Writing Samples

    basilfreshGood morning, Veritas. How ya doing? I’m sitting here this morning thinking about cooking. Maybe because I’m hungry. Who am I kidding, of course it’s because I’m hungry.

    Right now, I’m thinking about making something Italian. With some fresh basil. Because fresh is the only way to go as far as I’m concerned.

    basildriedFor a while there, in a time we called the 1970s, all herbs apparently came dried to a husk in a jar. Dried spices are great. But, dried herbs are usually a very pale imitation of the fresh stuff.

    There are two problems with fresh herbs. One is they cost a lot in the grocery store. The second is that growing them yourself isn’t easy if you don’t have access to good sunlight. Herbs universally need full sunshine to grow healthy and strong. If your apartment is facing south, you’re in luck.

    9373536 sbIf you’re not, you might want to consider investing in a indoor herb garden. I bought my mother one of these AeroGarden models for Christmas last year, and she loves it. She grows chives and basil all year round. The model I got my mother was about $120 at Best Buy, but I’m sure if you shop around a bit, you’ll find other options.

    You will have to follow the directions included pretty closely to get the best results. But the aroma and flavor of fresh herbs will be worth the effort.


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