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    Spycraft 2 Rulebook

    Spycraft 2 Rulebook

    So, my weekly gaming group will wrap up our Spycraft campaign tomorrow night.  I’ve been running the game with Matt, Don, Doug, Jon, David and Ryan making up the team of agents sent to Hong Kong to help investigate the disappearance of a Japanese prototype spy plane.   It’s been a disconnected adventure, as we’ve played two sessions spaced out over about six weeks.  I had planned a set number of encounters, and technically there’s only one left, so I’ve got to think up something to add for the last session.

    I’ve had Spycraft sitting on my bookshelf for a couple of years now, and I find it to be one of the most daunting, but elegant systems I’ve read.  It takes the d20 modern paradigm and expands and polishes it.  I’d been hoping to run it, so when it looked like we were going to take a break from Matt’s Warhammer RPG campaign, I offered it up.

    One of the things that makes it interesting is that I’m also running an on-going 4th Ed D&D game.  Sometimes I get a bit confused about which game I’m running!

    I’m also working on a campaign management program for Spycraft that I’m calling Mission Control.  I’ve been writing it in Visual Basic, because thats what I have access to and its fairly simple to learn.  I’m hoping it will make setting up and running Spycraft missions much easier in the future!


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