• God Won’t Stop the Next Massacre: He Expects Us to Do That

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    sns-rt-us-connecticut-townsbre8bd0u1-20121214I’m curious if anyone who thinks Mike Huckabee is right really believes that God didn’t stop a mentally ill man with access to highly efficient killing tools from massacring innocent children and teachers because there isn’t enough religion in schools. While the constitutional separation of church and state might make some people a little huffy, I’m astounded that anyone could think an all-knowing, all-loving god is in some sort of a huff.*

    Oh, it would be really nice if we could close this episode of horror with the summary that God was pissed off. But, that conveniently, and childishly, ignores the truth that maybe you don’t really need an assault rifle and that maybe being proactive about treating the mentally ill would do more to save lives than blaming everything on atheists and the government.

    Many of the responses I’ve seen to this tragedy are just absurd. God, my friends, is not going to step in and correct the mistakes that we ourselves have made. If there is a judgement day, you will not be rewarded for believing that God would prevent these acts of violence if only we had more Christmas trees and manger scenes and bible readings in public buildings and ten commandments hanging on the wall. You will kindly note that Jesus Christ never told you to do any of those things. How many of the things the he did said do you think you can just ignore and still call yourself a Christian?

    Christ commanded that you love others as you love yourself. He did not say, love God and he’ll make sure lunatics don’t get hold of automatic weapons and murder people watching a political rally, or a batman movie, or sitting in an elementary school. No, he said love others. And if you truly loved others as you do yourself, you might take the seriously the responsibility all of us as human beings to adopt a rational solution. The military and police need automatic weapons, the mentally ill do not. A rational solution involves finding a way to prevent the mentally ill from getting their hands on automatic weapons, and hand guns, and bullets, and grenades and knives. A Christian solution involves finding a way to heal the mentally ill so they don’t get to the point where the rage they can’t control hurts others.

    A prayer, or a million prayers, are not enough. Action is required. Do it now, before the next massacre takes the life of someone you love.

    * Unfortunately, I’m often astounded at what otherwise sane human beings are willing to think and believe.


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