• Happy Birthday Barbie

    by  • March 9, 2010 • Community Sherpa, Freelance Writing Samples, Writing

    1959Barbie 1240316iRobin Peake lived across the street when I was growing up. She was a year older than I was, and she was the girl that introduced me to Barbie. We were in the backyard of Robin’s house, next to the orange grove. Barbie was having a tea party to celebrate her birthday. She was all of 13 years old at the time. Midge, Skipper and Ken were there. The tea was Oolong. The dress was semi-formal. The ambiance was spectacular.

    I lost touch with Barbie, and for that matter (and more importantly) Robin. I have no idea where Robin’s gone or what her life has been like, and I hope its been happy. But, I still see Barbie every now and again.

    Like today. Barbie is celebrating her 51st birthday today. She’s a billionaire, with 800 million clones running around the world. More than that, she’s an icon, having been a doctor, a pilot and astronaut and a U.S. Presidential candidate.

    GIJoeAfter Robin moved away, I wound up hanging out with a different crowd, including the fearsome G.I. Joe. The one with life-like hair and a kung-fu grip. I didn’t realize how much stress he must have been under, living up to that reputation. He was one mean dude, at least until he went scuba diving in the bathtub and fell apart. He couldn’t hold a candle to Barbie, and certainly couldn’t hold up under a candle.


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