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    hardwoodsHardwood flooring can be a great asset to the value of your home.  But to get the full value, your hardwood floors must be in the best possible condition.  Home owners who don’t take care of their floors soon have expensive and possibly extensive repairs to worry about. With that in mind, here are some ideas about protecting your investment.

    • Vacuum, sweep or dust mop hardwood floors at least once a week.
    • Clean spills and water from the floor immediately.
    • Use interior and exterior floor mats to collected dirt, moisture and debris.
    • Use area rugs and runners with slip-resistant backing in high-traffic areas.
    • Use pads under furniture legs and replace hard rollers with rubber models.
    • Keep animal nails trimmed.
    • Don’t push heavy furniture or appliances across the surface.

    Joe Harpole of Pro-Care in Nashville provides some additional insight in this video:

    If you have hardwoods that are not in good condition, you have some options to improve the situation.  Older, craftsmen-style wooden floors can be worth the expensive of refinishing them completely.   Refinishing involves completely sanding off the previous finish before replacing it.  Here is a good article on refinishing over at hardwoodinstaller.com.

    Alternatively, you might consider replacing wood floors that have been badly battered over the years. These days, there are a wide variety of options. In addition to traditional woods, laminate and bamboo flooring are popular.

    Making sure your flooring is in great shape is a key toattracting potential buyers.


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