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    REVIEW: D-Day at Tarawa (Decision Games)

    The Battle of Tarawa was fought in late November, 1943. The U.S. Marines stormed ashore, facing for the first time a determined Japanese defense on the beaches. Guadalcanal, fought a year earlier, had been a nightmare, but getting shore there had been a cakewalk.  In the first 76 hours of the battle, U.S. casualties surpassed […]

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    This site includes a collection of of work and personal projects I’ve created or contributed to in recent years for the following:

    • Television News Producer at WALA-TV, WSB-TV and CNN International
    • Television News Assignment Editor at WGCL-TV
    • Television Newsroom Supervising Producer at CNN International
    • Producer of CNN International’s Future Summit series
    • Freelance Web Developer at Home Depot/Engauge
    • Blogger at Community Sherpa, Content Marketing Institute and Kim Hughes & Company
    • Community Manager at Turner Broadcasting
    • Writer/Director/Producer of the short films Rabbit Hunt, The Last Hour, The Long Night, In Memory of Those Left Behind, Emperors in the Age of Bologna and Maximal Effort, Minimal Clothing.
    • Writer/Producer of the short films Voices, Stealing Babette and Carnal Highway


    In addition, I’m passionate about technology, physics, astronomy, cosmology, computers, education, animals and NFL Football. My greatest influences are Monty Python, the Beatles, Melanie Hammet, J.R.R. Tolkien  Blade Runner and Joss Whedon. My wife and I are blessed to have two horses, one dog and four cats as part of our lives. I play role-playing games, board games, computer games and war games. I like to build scale models of airplanes, tanks and warships. And I love to impress people by cooking for them.

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