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    iGM – Storyteller is designed to provide support for GM’s running Vampire, World of Darkness or Hunter chronicles.  It allows you to create characters, organize your chronicle, plan stories and scenes and do various checks on the computer if you wish.  I’m making excellent progress towards a release.  So, I’m putting out the call for some folks to iGM – Storyteller through its paces, to squash bugs and to see if the program will be of value to storytellers.

    The iGM - Storyteller program interface.
    The iGM – Storyteller program interface.

    The program, when complete, will be released for free under White Wolf’s Dark Pack program.  It does require a windows box with the latest version of the .NET framework installed.  I realize that’s a problem for some folks, and I’m sorry, but I’m not proficient in a platform independent IDE at this time.

    If you would like to lend me a hand with beta testing, leave a comment or email me directly at atlantaproducer(at)gmail.com.

    Some will remember I posted about a Traveller GM program some time ago… I’ll be coming back to that once iGM – Storyteller is released, and with a lot of new ideas on how to finish it!


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