• Naomh Pádraig: Fact, Fiction and Legend

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    250px-Saint Patrick (window)Oh, you know Naomh Pádraig. All of your life you’ve been celebrating his day. March 17th. Naomh Pádraig. Sanctus Patricius. Saint Patrick.

    Little that is known about Saint Patrick is considered reliable. We know from two letters he wrote that survive that he was born in Britain. When he was 16, Irish raiders captured and took him to Ireland where he spent six years as a slave. He escaped, returned to Britain and joined the Church.

    In one of this letters, Patrick recounted a vision he had in which he heard the voices of the Irish calling to him: “We appeal you you, holy servant boy, to come and walk among us.”

    He went back to Ireland as an ordained bishop during the 5th century. It is believed Patrick died on March 17th in the year 460 and was buried at Down Cathedral in Downpatrick Ireland.

    So now you know a little about the man you celebrate on Wednesday!


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