• Non-Sequitur History

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    And now for a little history lesson.  Please open your volume of Kluge’s Guide to Egyptology to page 732 and read along with me.  Tutankhamun was a pharaoh in the 18th dynasty, approximately 33-hundred years ago.  He became pharaoh when he was nine, and ruled for ten years before he died mysteriously.  His  mummy was discovered by Howard Carter and his team in 1922.

    Now many of you will think, big deal:  Who cares about a dusty old mummy that never once drank a Coke or saw an episode of The Simpsons?  The answer to that enduring question is simple:  Steve Martin cares.

    Yes, you see folks, it was the year 1978.  Many of you weren’t around then, so you probably don’t know anything about this era.  The President was a man named Jimmy Carter.   “Dallas” made it’s debut on CBS.  And over on NBC, history was made on April 22nd when Steve Martin and Toots Uncommon were recorded in the clip above.  Coincidentally, that show was also the debut of the Blues Brothers.  And you thought history didn’t matter!


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