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    movingMoving to a new home, whether across town or across the country, is always a major endeavor. And it can be an enormous and expensive enterprise. If you’re planning to sell and move in the near future, here are some ideas that can help you save time and energy. In addition, you’ll have some protection in case something gets damaged or lost during the move.

    1. Label all boxes and items with the name of the destination room. Use big, bold lettering in permanent marker. You can make the system even better by color coding. Lettering in red might indicate boxes bound for the kitchen, while green could be the garage and blue an office.
    2. Be sure to clearly mark boxes containing fragile items like glassware, or boxes that must always be kept upright to prevent shifting and breakage.
    3. Give each box and item a number. And keep a list of all the numbers and note about the item or general contents of the box and the destination room.
    4. Use a cell phone to photograph each box or item.
    All of this extra work will be immediately beneficial when the movers arrive. You’ll have given them clear guidance as they unload, perhaps saving time and money. Second, you’ll know where to look for specific items if you can’t find them. And if something was misplaced or damaged during the move, you’ll have very specific documentation and photos to present to the moving company.
    These ideas amount to taking inventory of the things you’re moving. Yes, I know that no one wants to deal with more paperwork during such a busy time. But the trade-off may be worth it to you. It can provide you with peace of mind, make the process of setting up your new home quicker, and possibly save you money. Another benefit for you will be having the basis for documenting your household goods for homeowners insurance. Give yourself a break: Buying a new home, selling an old home and making a move are already tough work.




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