• Planning for the Spring Season

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    pressurewashingIt may not be easy to accept, but Spring is officially here.  Now is a good time to begin thinking ahead to spring related home maintenance projects.  Winter has taken its toll.  So, here’s a list of projects that you might want to plan for in the coming weeks.

    Roof Inspection

    I’ve written before regarding the battering winter can give your roof.  Even if you haven’t detected any leaks inside or can’t see any damage from the outside, it cannot hurt to get a professional to hunt for potential problems before they can get worse.


    Lawn care is obviously something to focus on as the temperatures begin to warm up.  For the moment, you may want to have a professional come in if you have a lot of trees on your property.  Trees can be especially vulnerable to windy spring storms.

    Pressure Washing

    Just like your car, your house occasionally needs a careful cleaning to get rid of the buildup of dirt, grime and mold that can accumulate when you’re not spending as much time outside to notice it.  If you have outdoor furniture that wasn’t covered, it can probably use some cleaning-up as well.

    Outdoor Pools

    Unless you’ve got built-in heaters, it will be months before you’d dare venture into the chilly waters of your pool. But the annual ritual of removing the pool cover and beginning the process of conditioning the water can begin before the thermometer shows it’s time for a pool party.


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