• Salmon in a Sock – The Hundred Best Business Ideas I’ve Had So Far.

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    salmonsockYou may choose to call it derivative. But, I call it sheer genius. Why end the brand new Sock craze, which I invented yesterday, so soon? In the words of the immortal John Pinette, I say nay nay! And I’m here to introduce you to my fabulous new business proposition: Salmon in a Sock.

    I love Salmon. Wild-caught, fresh Pacific salmon. None of that crappy Atlantic farm-raised gotta-be-colored-to-look-right fish. Grilled, or roasted, or steamed: Yumtastic. But, let’s face it, making fresh Salmon for lunch is a pain, especially if you’re trapped inside one of those germ-infested virus traps called an office building. And if you leave some in the refrigerator, you know the fridge thief is going to nab it before 10:00 am. The bitch!

    So, enough of that. Here’s the plan. I’m going to take eight-inch salmon steaks right out of the freezer, dip them in mayonnaise mixed with chopped dill, and stuff them into an athletic sock. About 40 of them, or enough to fill up the dishwasher completely. Now, here’s the trick. Do NOT put soap in the dishwasher. Just don’t. Instead, a big pat of butter should work. Then cycle it through and let it go through the drying cycle as well. That could crisp up the sock a bit, but who knows? Then, toss the finished Salmon in a Sock into a foil lined cooler (which just looks more professional) and peddle into downtown Atlanta. I’ll be the one followed by the enormous parade of hungry house cats.

    Think this is crazy talk? I say nay, nay! Check out the hundreds of recipes for Dishwasher Salmon here on Google. I didn’t read a single one of them, and I’m sure I won’t be eating any food cooked in the Dish Washer. But, that’s not stopping you from buying a sockful of Salmon from me, is it? As a bonus, I’m installing a basket on the front of the bike where I’ll have big tubs of dill sauce and tartar sauce for your dipping delight.

    I’m out…


    Michael has been writing professionally for print, television and the internet for thirty years. As a Senior Producer at CNN International, he examined the future of technology with dozens of brilliant scientists, philosophers and entrepreneurs on the acclaimed series Future Summit. Before that, in the CNN International newsroom, he helped lead the production of award winning coverage of news like the 9/11 attacks, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the devastating 2004 tsunami in Asia. As a director, he has created a dozen short films in the last seven years. He lives with his wife, dog, four cats and two horses in the suburbs of Atlanta.


    2 Responses to Salmon in a Sock – The Hundred Best Business Ideas I’ve Had So Far.

    1. April 25, 2013 at 4:11 pm

      Oh, please eBay! These are not used socks. These are brand new socks from the fine folks at Russell Athletic. And trout is ridiculous. Who wants all those tiny bones slipping through the sock fabric and pricking your eyes out?

    2. Ebay
      April 25, 2013 at 12:22 pm

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      Everyone knows that Rainbow Trout in a sock is a far better choice. The oils in Salmon combined with the oils in foot sweat and the mint in Athlete’s Foot Medicine become overpowering.

      Trout’s light sweet meat naturally absorbs the foot oils and mint for a lovely dish which works well with twice backed potatoes and a nice Chablis.

      Salmon! Disgusting!

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