• Sod in a Sock: The Hundred Best Business Ideas I’ve Had So Far.

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    Thai Food

    Look, Thai Food! There’s no Nam Sod in the picture because I ate it already. Photo courtesy Ya-Yin/flickr.com.

    I love Thai food. And near the top of the list of my favorite dishes is Nam Sod. It’s a salad of onions and ground pork, seasoned with fresh grated ginger, fish sauce and fresh lime juice, wrapped in a cabbage leaf. I’ve been making it for nearly twenty years now. As my wife and I were having it for dinner this evening, a profound thought occurred to me: Selling Nam Sod on the street. In a sock.

    Okay, it’s a bit off-putting, the sock business. But, we’re talking about brand new, sterilized, high-quality cotton blend socks. At home, I’d make a batch of Nam Sod every morning, and stuff it into the socks. Store it all in big Styrofoam coolers on either side of my bicycle, and then hit the road. An ankle sock of Sod would cost you $1. An athletic sock $2. And a lovely, argyle school girl’s knee sock of Sod would only be $5.00. I could ride through downtown Atlanta on a nice day and make a killing. On rainy days, I could pedal up to major office building and hotel lobbies to reach stranded customers. And, instead of filling trash cans and landfills with food wrappers, I’d suggest my customers reuse their socks or donate them to the homeless. Any remaining juice in the bottom of my coolers could be fed to mangy cats and wild dogs. Or made into a tangy soup.

    Images of Nam Sod from the Web

    Just for the heck of it, I took a look at some of the Nam Sod recipes out there on the internet. And they’re all pants as far as I can see. Far too many ingredients and too much work. Try my version. It’s much easier and gets you the exact same Sod perfection that inspired me in the first place.

    • One head of Green Cabbage. Red cabbage is wrong.
    • A hunk of Ginger.
    • The juice of 6 normal limes.
    • An equal amount of Fish Sauce. Not soy sauce, you apostates.
    • Two or three large onions, diced. If you have a thing for red, go for it. Otherwise yellow or white is fine.
    • 1lb Spicy Pork Sausage.
    • Yummy roasted peanuts.

    Brown the sausage and let it cool. Then break it into small fragments in a food processor. Chunks suck. Remove  the outer leaves of the cabbage, wash, and cut into quarters. Remove the center-most chunk and discard. Place all of the diced onions in a bowl. Add lime juice and fish sauce, and toss. Peel the brown skin off the ginger. The using a small or finely sized food grater (or a microplane grater), shred the ginger into small threads, adding it to the bowl of onions.  If you like a little zing, add more ginger. It’s awesome, and only the fresh shredded stuff is worth it.  Add the cooled pork and mix, mix, mix. Top with roasted peanuts, and serve with the quarter of cabbage. Use the cabbage as a scoop and stuff the sod into your mouth. Yum.

    Hey! If you like this idea or this recipe, be sure to let me know. But, don’t steal my Sod in a Sock idea. That would just be rude.

    I’m out…


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