• Sofie’s Top Valentine’s Day Gift Picks

    by  • February 8, 2010 • Community Sherpa, Freelance Writing Samples

    heartI’ve been wracking my brain for a week now, trying to figure out something really wonderful to get my wife for Valentine’s day. She’s awfully picky about such things, and a pretty, hand-crayoned card might not cut it this year. It didn’t last year.

    I’ve been thinking about this so much, I might be forgiven if I’ve neglected some of the others on my list of Valentine’s day gifts. You know what I’m talking about: The cats.

    sofieI was reminded, brutally, this morning. Sofie, the shy baby girl of the house, leapt on top of me before dawn. Even my howls of pain didn’t scare her away. Clearly, she wanted me to know something. And after consulting with her for some time, she provided this list of possible Valentine’s day gifts for cats:

    • An enormous plastic bag filled with catnip.
    • One of my wife’s hair bands. Extra springy.
    • Soft cat treats, not the crunchy kind.
    • Batteries for the laser pointer. I told her it was broken, but she doesn’t believe me.
    • A bottle cap for 3am hockey matches with Sirius.

    siriusSirius, on the other hand, suggested I be a bit more practical. His suggestion is that you spend a few extra minutes with your pets on Valentines day. A little brushing, and little playing, are all good to him.

    But if you want a bit more inspiration, try:


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