• Spycraft: Escape from Hong Kong

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    In the end, escaping the warehouse wasn’t as easy as it should have been.  The enemy, Russian nationals wearing French commando uniforms, had blown up the van the team had used to smash their way into the warehouse in the first place.  And they were waiting when the team came up from the basement bunker.

    We wrapped up the mission last night, after about ten hours of play.  Don (a Scout), Matt (a Snoop), Ryan (a Wheelman), David (a Sleuth), Doug (a Soldier) and Jon (a hacker) had been sent to Hong Kong to investigate an Engineering firm that seemed to have some relationship to the theft of a Japanese Stealth Fighter prototype.

    Doug and Don led the team out of the offices and into the warehouse, exchanging fire with enemy commandos.  Doug took one down, while Don kept others suppressed as the rest of the team moved into position.  Then a voice called out:  “Gentleman, you don’t have to die.  Lay down your weapons and we’ll let you go free.”

    I began the mission in media res, with the team fleeing from a burning warehouse, trying to reach an apartment building where they could steal a helicopter to escape.  The adventure then flashed back to their arrival in Hong Kong, setting up in the safe house hidden in a tourist hotel, infiltrating the engineering companies headquarters and computer systems, heading to the warehouse in Kowloon, and discovering a secret bunker built beneath that structure.  In the bunker they found Russian mercenaries posing a French Commandos, and a computer network filled with crucial data.  With the help of Jon, who remained back at the hotel with his uber-hacker laptop, the team uploaded the data before making a fighting retreat out of the bunker and warehouse.  And back to the scene where the scenario started.

    As the helicopter took off and swung out over the harbor, a spectacular scene was revealed: explosions and flames reaching high into the pre-dawn sky from the engineering firm’s warehouse.  No one had scene the Japanese Stealth Fighter, but there was no mistaking the sound of a high performance jet engine.  Ryan took the civilian chopper down low, skimming the water of the harbor.  Jinking the chopper up and to the right, Ryan avoided an air-to-air missile that slammed into a tall bank building along the Hong Kong waterfront.

    Ryan made some spectacular rolls piloting the helicopter up and over Victoria Peak and down over the jungle to Stanley, where the team landed and stole a speed boat, making a rendezvous at see with a US Navy destroyer.  The data they found and uploaded revealed that the engineering firm was owned, through a series of shell corporations and holding companies, but a billionaire Ukrainian oil tycoon.

    It was a fun game, and I think everyone enjoyed it.  It sort of ran out of steam at the end because I didn’t have much else prepared, and because they all rolled pretty well.  I’m looking forward to taking Spycraft out for another test run soon.


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