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    SCENE 3: NSA Signals Decrypt

    Game Time: 29 October 2008, 03:32


    A cavernous room, five stories high and bigger than a football field, open in the center.  On all walls, computer monitors, television screens.  In the center, a structure like a basketball scoreboard, hangs down, with huge plasma screens on all sides.  The camera pans along the many workstations along the third floor, tracking past dozens of analysts.  The camera pulls into one workstation, where an analyst is playing back a cell phone intercept for his supervisor.  Two of the three people on the call have been identified as CAPER and BASHER.


    Recorded 28 October 2008, 14:45 ET

    CAPER (in Russian): “There is an alarm at Pierson House.”

    BASHER (in Russian): “Yes, we’re responding according to the plan.”

    UNKNOWN (in English): “Who?”

    BASHER (in English): “Rainbow.  I saw an agent at the airport yesterday.”

    CAPER (in English): “Perhaps.  But that doesn’t matter right now.  I want the situation resolved in our favor.”

    BASHER (in Russian): “According to the plan?”

    CAPER (in Russian): “Yes.  Can we shut down the warehouse as well?”

    UNKNOWN (in English): “Of course.  We will fit the weapons now.”

    BASHER (in Russian): “Wait, the warehouse?”

    CAPER (in Russian): “Yes.  If we’ve been compromised, I want it all gone.”

    BASHER (in Russian): “But, my team just got here… we don’t have another safe house.  And what about the computer systems?”

    CAPER (in Russian): “[garbled] I ask, I’ll find someone who can Alexy.  Situations change.  We will be flexible.  This must be done.”

    BASHER (in Russian): “[pause]  Yes, sir.”

    CAPER (in Russian): “If you can find the opposition, hurt them.   I assume you have proper cover.”

    BASHER (in Russian): “Of course.  The French are going to be in for quite a shock.”

    CAPER (in English): “How soon can you be in the air?”

    UNKNOWN (in English): “Thirty minutes.  Three hours flying time.  Should be just before dawn.”

    CAPER (in English): “Excellent.  No mistakes.”

    = = End of Transmission = =


    ACCESS provides this transcript to the players at 03:44am, 29 October 2008.


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