• The Long and Winding Road

    by  • April 12, 2010 • Community Sherpa, Freelance Writing Samples

    I was so busy this past weekend that I didn’t remember to light a candle in memory of the Beatles. You see, it was forty years ago Saturday that Paul McCartney made his split with the band official with a press release about the release of his first solo album. By the spring of 1970, the union of musical genius and creative competition had collapsed into an ugly business feud and bitter differences.

    The Beatles in AmericaOddly, Paul was really the last one to quit. Ringo and George had quit previously, but returned to the band. John had announced he was leaving the band the previous September, but agreed not to say anything until various matters were settled. But, not Paul.

    Lennon, McCartney and Harrison first began performing together in in Liverpool in 1957. And the Beatles were officially formed three years later. They took on their final form when Ringo Starr became the drummer in 1962. Their first single, “Love Me Do,” hit the charts later that year.

    For the rest of the decade, the Beatles ruled music. Few can honestly disagree with the impact they had on their generation and those that followed. There have been many great bands in the years since the Beatles broke up, but I dare you to name any better than the Fab Four.


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