• The Monster That is Spam

    by  • February 25, 2010 • Community Sherpa, Freelance Writing Samples, Writing

    300px-Spammed-mail-folderPorfirio Kaneholani. Mrs. Elizabeth Brown. Lilia Clarke. Dr. Mansur Muhtar. Mr. John Goodman from South Africa. Francis Cotopa, twice. These are the lovely people who today are offering to share massive amounts of money with me. I don’t even know them, but they’re kind enough to have singled me out of the millions of internet users in the world.

    Soon I will be rich!

    Tanya Waneta wanted to offer me prescription pain-killers at a cut-rate price. Pat Cowan is promising to give me a Submariner SS watch. Jewell Holt, Pat McCann, Grant Barrron, Russ Cram and Tim Randolph all have fantastic investment opportunities to share with me.

    I’m so fortunate!

    If I spent all day, every day, I couldn’t begin to respond to these wonderful offers to make me happy, wealthy and really sexy.

    If I respond to even one of these, I’ll probably lose everything I have in the bank.

    According to a Microsoft report last year, 97% of all emails sent are spam. Spam emails clog the internet. They cost the world billions of dollars in lost productivity alone. Criminals love spam because email is virtually free, and out of the thousands of emails they send out, it only takes one or two suckers to make a decent profit.

    Yes! You may find this absurd, but internet scammers and internet spammers exist only because some people actually do respond to them. Do you?

    Sources: Wikipedia and my yahoo email spam folder.


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