• The Revolution Starts Here

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    Courtesy Bre Pettis/flickr

    Courtesy Bre Pettis/flickr

    This technology… perhaps more than any other… is the beginning of a revolution. Not just in technology, but it’s bound to be a political minefield in the decades to come as national governments and big business seek to severely regulate the use of 3d printers. Yes, they can be used to make dangerous things. But they can also free humanity from the dominance of foolish and greedy individuals and organizations.

    A 3d printer, the right material feedstock and a blueprint are all that’s necessary to create virtually anything, virtually anywhere. 3d printers are creating cars and telescopes, tissues and organs for medicine, delicate tools and even food. If we can send one (and we have) to the International Space Station, we can send them anywhere in the world.

    Those in power will use fear, of course, to try to stop them. The utter nonsense about “plastic” guns is just the first step. We’ll be hearing more and more outright lies and distortions in the years to come about the danger to life, liberty and intellectual property posed by 3d printers. Don’t believe it. Don’t accept it.

    I believe we have a bright future ahead of us, but we’re going to have to break a lot of institutions and traditions to get there.


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