• Traveller Campaign Management Software: Update #2

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    As mentioned previously, I’ve been working furiously on a new suite of software tools for Traveller GMs.  I’m calling it the IISS Operating System, with the working fiction that it’s software used by the Scout Service.  I’m using the Mongoose Traveller rules set as the basis of the tools, but hope at some point to offer alternate traveller versions.  Regardless of your rules set of choice, IISS OS will be useful.

    IISS Operating System

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    IISS OS is designed to help a Traveller GM create, develop and run a campaign.  All the information generated is stored in a database.  Below is a list of the feature set I’m aiming for, although some of it may beyond my programming abilities for some time!

    • Sector, Subsector and System generation (partially completed)
    • Character/NPC Creation (partially completed)
    • Animal Creation (completed)
    • Organizations (completed)
    • Campaign Time, Calendar and Events (partially completed)
    • Random Word Generation (Vilani, Vargr, Droyne, K’Kree, Aslan, and Solomani) (completed)
    • Random Patron Generation
    • Encounter Design
    • Encounter Manager
    • Combat and Skill checks
    • Space Combat
    • Starship Creation
    • Random News Generation (completed)
    • Publishing to websites, blogs and campaign wikis
    • Random Dice rolls (completed)
    • Links to all major Traveller websites (completed)

    As you can see from the above, there’s still a lot to be done to finish the program as I envision it.  But, I’m getting close to a point where I can begin providing beta copies for feedback and testing purposes.  If you want in on the test, let me know!


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