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    Winning in Warhammer Online PVP is made a thousand times easier if you know what your team is doing!  There’s simply no better way to communicate plans and information than voice chat.  Ventrilo is widely used by gamers to facilitate voice chat.  It’s easy and lightweight, and runs well with Warhammer Online.  So, here’s a quick guide to get you started.

    1) Download and install Ventrillo.  You can find the program here: http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php.

    2) Run the program.  If you are using Vista, you’ll need to run the program as Adminstrator.

    3) To being, you create a User Name for yourself.  This is how you’ll be seen in the Ventrillo client, and so you’ll want to be descriptive so people know who you are!

    4) You’ll need to set up new Server information.  If you are a member of Relentless Kings, you can get that information simply by typing G in-game.  Others will find it broadcast in /WB or /Alliance chat.

    5) After you set up the Server properly, you’ll need to Connect to it.

    6) When you connect, you’ll be in the main room.  You’ll notice a variety of “rooms” below the main one.  You’ll want to select the one your group is using.

    Chat Rooms in Ventrillo

    Chat Rooms in Ventrillo

    7) Ventrillo starts up with Click to Talk, and with the Left Control key selected for that function.

    8) If you have any questions or problems, please ask in game on any channel.


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